The one thing they’ll make you the greatest person in the world

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The one thing they’ll make you the greatest person in the world:Larry Page has always been dreaming of becoming an inventor as a teenager It was busy studying works and biographies of great inventors who have lived before him Page was only 12 when he read the biography of Tesla He noticed how Tesla was a great inventor who failed because he was never an intrapreneur like Thomas Edison Discovering this page decided to not only become an inventor but to also be an intrapreneur He has later Paige founded Google with Sergey brain and he ended up being one of the greatest and most valuable inventions of the 21st century in this video I’ll be sharing with you The one single thing that can make you the greatest person in your generation.

 What do you think is the single thing that unites everyone who has ever become great in anything? The answer is very simple,

The singleness of purpose:

 The One thing that can make you the greatest human in your generation is for you to identify a single thing You want to leave for and focus solely on .

 Success isn’t enough:

 Today if you survey a hundred young people and ask them What do you want to achieve with your life? Most of them will tell you I want to be successful. Some will say I want to be rich The problem about this answer is that it’s vague not specific and meaningless. This responses are meaningless because what is success? What are reaches? Nobody knows because there is no generally accepted Definition of success. You can’t just say I want to be successful.

 A Dream bigger than you:

 Even when he was a teenager Muhammad Ali had started calling himself the greatest boxer in the world No, he wasn’t the greatest boxer there were people before him who were greater than him But that was what he wanted to be and that is what he became For 12 years old Larry Page. It’s a dream of becoming an inventor was beyond a boy But because he believed he could become an inventor He started studying the lives of inventors and he ended up being an inventor who gave us the most popular search engine in the world If you want to become the greatest person in your generation You’ve got to pursue dreams that bigger than yourself and then be willing to sacrifice all you’ve got to achieve the mighty dreams.

 Say no to everything else:

 Look at the lives of the greatest people who ever lived and one thing will be obvious to you They all lived for a single thing today. If someone mentioned Steve Jobs what comes to your mind? the technology genius who built Apple and other related companies what can you remember about Warren Buffett an Investor. What about Bill Gates Mark Zuckerberg Lionel Messi Tiger Woods Michael Jackson or Thomas Edison as I mentioned all these names a single thing came up in your mind about those people That single thing is what these people focused all the anti-life on .

 he did it to the extremes For example a former coach of Muhammad Ali told us a story about him According to him Ali would go to the training and have all these beautiful girls all around him, but we’ll never give them any attention They wanted and lead to do well in school But he won’t the only thing he woke up and sleeps to do was to practice as a boxer in his early days Michael Jackson was reported to be spending eight hours every day Practicing his music and dances tell me how you would practice a single thing for eight hours every day.

you won’t be better than everyone in the world Peter Thiel told a story about Mark Zuckerberg That if you meet Jacque anywhere in the day and ask him anything as regards social network He would not only answer you. He will give you every study stats and research as regarding what he’s talking about This is called mastery if you want to become the greatest person in your generation You not only focus your life on a single problem you focus your life on a problem That’s bigger than you you not only focus on a problem That’s bigger than you you eat talk sit and sleep inside such problem It will literally become your life .

The 10,000 hours:

 Malcolm Gladwell wrote a book called Outliers and shares with us his studies about people who became successful and what we found is that on average people who become great in any field only become so after they’ve invested average of 10,000 hours into Lennon trying and practicing their craft Again, this is called mastery and I’ll advise you to read the book with the same title mastery by Robert Greene Have you defined a single thing?

 You want to live and die for are you willing to sacrifice your pleasure say no to everything else and focus On such thing for the rest of your life and you willing to study like no one research like no one Practice and take action like no one that’s what it takes to become the greatest person in the world at 21 my parents wanted me to continue schooling and get more degrees to me I was too old to be in the classroom Because I understood that it might take me a decade or more before I’ll become successful as an entrepreneur.

 I knew right there that I had to get out of the classroom and start pursuing my dreams Think about most successful people, you know and study to know when they started pursuing their dreams By age 18 Steve Jobs had already dropped out of school looking for a way to figure out what he would do with his life By age 19 Mark Zuckerberg had started Facebook Michael Jackson started singing at 5:00 Tiger Woods started golf as early as age.

 1 Warren Buffett has started investing by age 13 at 20 Bill Gates had founded Microsoft we can go on to list the names of those who make big impacts in the world and One thing will be obvious and that is they know what they want and start pursuing it early in life But why is this point so important? You see it takes time a lot of mistakes errors and failures to become successful at anything While you can go through all these at any age the older you get the less your willingness to go the rough road But as a young person you’re much more likely to try things and have fun even when you fail Should we then say that if you’re over 30 it’s over for you well, Colonel Sanders was 65 when he started Kentucky Fried Chicken and he became a billionaire before he Died you can pursue your dreams even now but no matter how old you are.

There are two important things first You must have the youthful spirit because it’s only the youthful spirit that is adventurous and willing to take risk The second is you must be willing to put in more hours Studying practicing and doing important stuff as related to your dreams In conclusion if you want to be the greatest person in your generation You must identify a single mission for your life and say no to every other thing You must be willing to put in long hours, especially at the beginning and remain determined even when the road gets rough .

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