The 30 Things That Will Change When You Turn 30

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The 30 Things That Will Change When You Turn 30:Life certainly feels interesting between the age 20 and 30. However, the reality of hitting age 30 can sometimes be scary. And if you think 20 something was a strange time in your life, I’m sorry to announce to you that 30 doesn’t feel any better. So, the sooner you understand that age is really just a state of mind, the better for you. Although there is no denying that certain things begin to change at 30, such as the people around you, your perspective on life, and your decisions, these things are not to scare you rather help you prepare for the changes, absorb them easily and enjoy a splendid life altogether. In this video, we’ll be sharing with you The 30 things that will change when you turn 30.

 1. You’ll realize that money doesn’t mean happiness. Unlike in your 20s, when your life’s goal was centred around making money, you’re likely to change that in your 30s and focus more on relationships and other stuff, at least if you’re smart.

2. You’ll no longer feel the need to seek attention like when you’re in your 20s because you will become more secure about yourself, hence, ditch external validation .

3. You’ll feel the urge to reconnect with old friends because you’ll become more aware of the relationships in your life and realize how important people mean to you.

 4. You’ll discover there are people in their 20s who think of you as old but you won’t really feel old.

 5. Your body will begin to change. This is like another puberty stage where you begin to notice things like you suddenly developing mysterious food allergies, intolerance for sugar or salt, developing back pain and cracking joints and lot more.

6. Health and fitness will become important to you. Because of the changes that will take place in your body, you will now feel the need to take care of health – both mental, physical and emotional.

 7. You’ll start to forget your age and also conveniently forget that you’re no longer in your twenties.

8. You’ll approach friendship in a healthier manner. Unlike in the past, you’ll have a better understanding of friendships. You will understand that people come into your life for either a reason, a season or a lifetime. You can accept that most of your relationships weren’t meant for a lifetime – or even a season – and let them go without feeling hurt or anger.

 9. You’ll accept failures as one of life’s lessons. Looking back now, you can fully appreciate that everything does happen for a reason. Also, you begin to realize that many of the things you desperately wanted at one point in your life probably weren’t actually the right choices. So now, you will know how best to handle failure and desperation.

10. You’ll appreciate your family more. As you grow older, you suddenly realize that you may not have much time left with your parents especially when beloved old relatives start dying. Hence, you’ll become thoughtful about spending more time with your family.

11. You’ll realize that some of the things you were told to value no longer matter to you. This can include being at the top of a corporate ladder, having a baby and the likes.

 12. If you are still single, you might begin to worry that marriage may not happen.

13. You may stop caring about trends. Because you have become secure in who you are, you’ll begin to care less about what people are doing and do what works for you instead.

14. You may learn how to handle your alcohol. You will realize that being drunk to stupor is not proof of a wild party but rather an embarrassment to leave your safety in the hands of your friends as a result of your drunkenness.

 15. You’ll wonder if time is flying because when you tell stories from high school, you’ll be shocked to suddenly realize that they happened over ten years ago.

 16. You will constantly wonder how your parents had a career, house, and children by the time they were your age. Unch… Now you know how hard life is, unlike when you were a teenager.

17. You’ll realize that you are getting to that age where technology is starting to confuse you, and you’ve found yourself asking for younger people to explain stuff to you recently.

 18. You’ll become mindful of your food choices. Because you feel the need to respect and not abuse your body, you’ll begin to make healthier food choices, like incorporating more fruits and fibres in your diet, even though the transition might be difficult.

 19. You’ll start making conscious choices not to judge the younger generation. Your 30s will be the time when your natural instincts will make you want to judge the younger generation for their silliness and mistakes, but the realization that you are not old enough to have forgotten your mistakes in your 20s, you will refrain.

 20. You’ll begin to notice wrinkles on your face when you look at yourself in the mirror too closely.

21. You’ll realize how valuable your time is, which will make you guard it very well and choose who you spend it with.

 22. You’ll prefer your company over that of others. Because you have stopped seeking external validation, you will start enjoying what you do better and the freedom it brings to you.

 23. Your Facebook feed will be filled with pictures of weddings, babies because most of your friends will be at that stage of their lives.

 24. You’ll become more informed, politically. With thoughts of raising your kids in the future, you’ll become aware of the world you live in and especially in politics.

25. You’ll stop caring about what others think and realize that everyone is entitled to their opinion.

26. You’ll begin to appreciate yourself more, including all the experiences you’ve been through.

27. You’ll love yourself more and treat yourself better than you did in the past .

28. You’ll begin to demand more time to spend all by yourself. So, you’ll enjoy travelling alone.

29. People your age will start getting divorced and watch them go through custody battle.

30. Your lifestyle choices will begin to reflect your beliefs because you’ll commit to doing something you claim to care for.


 In summary, life is fun, though filled with several ups and downs. Get used to it! Thank you very much for reading my article. We’ll like to give you another interesting articles for you to enjoy next .

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