Metric System Staircase. Easy Metric Conversion:

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Metric System Staircase. Easy Metric Conversion:If you don’t like the metric system or unit conversion then let’s make it easy,

 Kevin hijacks data bank dear cat monkey:

 That’s how I memorize it maybe it can help you too:

  • Kevin means kilo (1000) or a k
  • Hijack means hecto (100) or a H
  • Data means deca (10) or d
  • Bank means base (1 )or B
  • Deer means deci (0.1) or d
  • Cat means centi (0.01) or c
  • Monkey means milli( 0.001 )or M

Let’s draw the table going down

  1. kilo
  2. hecto
  3. deca
  4. base units
  5. deci
  6. centi
  7. milli

 kilo at the top now draw another stair going down hecto another row deca another stair down base units another one down deci another one down centi and then on the ground floor milli there are seven steps in the staircase start with the kilo hecto Deka base deci centi and milli let’s focus on base now as you can see three steps down from here and three steps up from here so this is our base station .

There are three bases:

Mass gram G for volume measuring liquids base leader L and for distance or length base unit is a meter M if you are going down from base decimal moves to the right and if you’re going up from base decimal moves to the left that’s all we have to know.

Some practice questions:

Find out how the metric staircase helps in the conversation

Question number one:

Convert six grams into milligrams.

 let’s go to the base and if you see we have to go three steps down to meet Millie six gram where is the decimal if you don’t see decimal it is behind the number every time you don’t see decimals just place the decimal next to the number six point blank blank blank so decimal moves the down side to the right three steps six zero zero zero so six grams is equal to 6,000 milligrams.

 Question number Two:

 Convert 40 M equals blank km okay not a big deal let’s go to the base because we have three friends over there gram leader and meter so from here we have to go up three steps to meet kilometer so does 40 have the decimal I don’t see decimal so I’m going to place decimal next to the 40 same as the previous question four zero point so decimal is now moving to the left three points blank four zero dot place the zero in the space and the answer is forty M equals zero point zero 4 km.

 Question number three:

25 kg equals blank gram?

 where’s the decimal next to the number and that is 25 okay are we going to the base station again no because we only have grams leader and meter on base we have to find kilo on the staircase and that is on the top so from here we have to go three steps down to meet gram 25 dot blank blank decimal moving three steps down to the right 25000 answer is 25 kg equals 25 thousand grams.

 Question number four:

Convert 3.6 liter into milliliter 3.6 l equals blank ml?

 finally we can see the decimal and it’s in the middle not a big deal so to meet the leader we have to go to the base station and milliliter is three steps down from here three point six decimal moves three steps to the right 3.6 blank-blank three six zero zero 3.6 l equals 3600 ml.

Question number five:

 Convert 18 meter into centimeters 18 M equals blank cm.

it’s getting easy now where do we find meter he is hiding on the base station okay from here how many steps down to meet centimeter that is two steps so the decimal will move to the right and where is the decimal on number 18 just next to or behind the number and that is 18 dot so the 18 meter is equal to 18 hundred centimeter 18 m equals 1,800 cm.

That’s all it takes to learn but what about if you don’t like the staircase not a big deal make a line and place base in the middle and three points to the right and place three points to the left the same thing and any way you like it the same method but don’t forget kevin hijacks data bank dear cat monkey I can’t believe it my dog doesn’t like this because his name is missing in the sentence just joking.

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