I got a free upgrade to Phone BOMB — How and Why

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I got a free upgrade to Phone BOMB —  How and Why: sir aren’t so tired of this wireless service and the cell phone you gave it to me I’m spending too much time on it almost four hours every day on this stupid phone please take your phone I want my life back I want to live like a normal person I hate being on the phone all the time sorry to hear that I have a solution for this situation I can do a free upgrade to the bomb the heck are you talking about sounds like dangerous don’t worry it’s not a life-threatening bomb upgrade to your phone we named this for those who want to spend less time on the phone but it’s safe and it will reduce your screen time I guarantee it okay sounds good let’s do this I want a free upgrade to the phone book all right I upgraded your service to a phone bomb you’re allowed to use only.

 20 minutes every day

if you use more than 20 minutes your phone eventually becomes a bomb so be careful and use it carefully thank you 20 minutes every day I love it .

Day one :

after using 19 minutes warning sign appears on the screen phone Bob please turn off the phone oh I got scared and I turned off the phone.

 Day two :

I was playing a game on watching YouTube now again a warning sign appears Maxon on time reached please turn off the phone phone bomb what the heck there is no bomb thing and I keep using the phone I was thinking free upgrade phone bomb that was the stupidest thing ever and then my doorbell rings I opened my door there was a package I didn’t order anything but I got excited to open it to know what is inside as soon as I opened the box it explodes there was a bomb inside the box since.

 then my cell phone screen time went from four hours to zero two weeks later I went to my friend’s house after having dinner with him he said you know the funny thing I got a free upgrade to the phone book and he starts laughing and I said well it’s not funny I did that and it worked for me my friend said well you are looking fine nothing out to you it was a coincidence somebody put a bomb in the box and you are thinking it was your phone I don’t think so well you’re gonna find out what else I can say my friend said look I have used the phone already for 20 minutes today.

 let me show you right now and a warning sign appeared on his cell phone phone bomb phone bomb please turn off the phone and my friend starts laughing hahaha this is the stupidest thing ever because I was scared I made a distance from him there is no bell ring no box nothing outside hahaha you are so stupid and then his phone explodes mmm well I told you about this free upgrade they have a different way to activate the bomb well my face is all black what can I do now my friend asked me I said that’s black ink and it will take you the next four hours to remove it from your face good luck see you later .

A free upgrade to phone balm to reduce screen time:

 maybe not but if you are spending so much time these days on the phone and bringing it even into the bathroom there is a problem one time I forget my phone to work you are not gonna believe it it was a horrible day in my break at lunch I was missing my cell phone more than my girlfriend how this happens because these cell phone services are getting cheaper every day Internet free Wi-Fi easy to find or almost everywhere now the cellphone is easy to get or they will divide the price in the next 24 months for you to pay easily but what are you losing you are losing quality time with your family and friends so think and make a decision today you will control your screen time on your phone or maybe you need a free upgrade to your phone .

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